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I am happy that the Website for the Association of People Affected by Leprosy ( A P A L ) has been launched. APAL has an important history in the short period about the lives of the leprosy affected persons. It is conducting various programmes to improve the quality of the life of the leprosy affected persons to live a dignified life without stigma and discrimination.

Association of People Affected by Leprosy- APAL

Over the centuries leprosy affected persons have been stigmatized, Misconceptions, deformities, non-availability of effective medicines were some of the reasons. Society & family members segregated them from the main stream.

Leprosy affected persons have left no option but to take shelter either in Asylums or in leprosy self-settled colonies. Law also discriminates affected persons. Indian Acts are having derogatory provisions against affected persons. As a result many of them are living in miserable conditions.

Issues identified:

  • Ownership of land, Housing
  • Lack of civic amenities,
  • Education to children
  • Human Rights issues
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Apathy in implementation of Government Welfare Schemes.
  • This initiative helped to have a networking with the leprosy colonies. To improve the conditions of leprosy affected persons the National Forum India was registered as a public trust in the year 2011.

Latest News

17th November 2015: Training programme for Hans Foundation staff by NCPEDP – New Delhi

21st& 22ndNovember 2015: “Advancing the Human Rights of All Persons with Disabilities” by Open Society Foundation – New Delhi

23rd to 25th November 2015: Global National Leprosy Programme ManagersMeeting by WHO/SEARO

1ST TO 3RD December 2015: Equality 20 conference, HK awards and Walk freedom by NCPEDP- New Delhi

8th& 9th December 2015: LPEP Partners meeting at Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s my pleasure of presenting the Association of People Affected by Leprosy web site has been launched and to gain knowledge of Human rights and equal rights of our people.I wish to thank for our Senior Consultant, executive board members, Advisors and state leaders for successful launched APAL website.

Our Collaboration